TOP 5 | Women Producers of 2021

Women Producers make up 2.1 % of the entire music industry, therefore we decided to share the achievements of some very talented and successful women in the mainstream with hopes to inspire more.

#5 Foxy Couture

Instagram: @foxycouture

Foxy is a classically trained pianist and producer with an amazing range of contemporary trap production credits.

#4 Angie Randisi

Instagram: @angie.randisi

Angie is a graduate of metal works studios, currently an engineer and producer at State of The Art Studios owned by Noah “40” Shebib. She is producing phenominal work most notably credit via as the official recording assistant for PartyNextDoor — “PartyMobile” Album release in 2020

#3 Tiffany Delilah Miranda

Instagram: @TiffanyDelilahMiranda

Tiffany is the founder of @GirlsMakeBeats , a non profit organization that works to increase the female presence in the music business. Tiffany has most recently received production credit for the “Coming to America 2” Soundtrack.

#2 Cydney Christine

Instagram: @cydneychristine

Cydney also known as Lil CC is widely known for her first production credit with “Money in the grave” By Drake ft. Rick Ross. A platinum record as the first major placement is a massive achievement.

#1 Wonda Gurl

Instagram: @wondagurl

Wonda Gurl is an exceptional producer known world wide from her production credits with Rhianna, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Drake and Jay Z.


Women are taking over the music industry, specifically female rappers and producers. Lets all contribute to supporting the legacy and achievements from all these incredible women!

Howard University Alumni / Writer / Artist /Cultural Critic

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